I started taking pictures in 1983. My brother, Ronny gave me my first SLR camera – a Minolta XG-M – with a couple of lenses. I took that camera to an airshow at Travis Air force Base in California and instantly fell in love with photography. A few years later I bought a second-hand Minolta XG-A, an autowinder and a bunch of Dark Room equipment for developing slide film. Developing my own slides cut the expense down and allowed me to shoot a lot more pictures.

In 2004 I went digital and purchased my first Nikon camera – the D70. That camera took great photos. However, I yearned for something with more megapixels. I moved up to the D200 and not long after the D300 came out, I upgraded again. I have since upgraded again and currently shoot with a D800 and D800E.
During my Air Force career I was fortunate to have a job that periodically allowed me to photograph the airplanes I worked around. During the late 1980s I won a several Air Force photography contests and placed several of my photographs with a military related stock agency where I had several images published.

I guess my love of aviation photography stems from my years in the Air Force working around airplanes. I thoroughly enjoy photographing military aircraft, especially those from the World War II era. To me these warbirds (be they WWII or current era planes) represent the daily sacrifice made by our military men and women and the freedom we enjoy because of their sacrifice.

I also enjoy scenic photography. I can’t describe the feeling I get from seeing the snow-capped Grand Tetons reflected in pool of water in the early morning. So, I take a picture and hope that everyone who sees it will feel the same.